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Creating a story for your brand through online content

In the recent months, story branding has become an increasingly popularized buzz word in SEO circles. But what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can you create a story for your brand that will reach new audiences and convert them into customers or clients?

At Kinetic Word, our in-house content writers can work with you to create an image and idea that fits your unique business personality in order to put together a compelling story for your brand. We have experience in:

  • Building strong, consistent stories that accurately reflect your business and brand
  • Connecting with potential customers through earnest stories to which they can relate
  • Cross-promoting your story over different forms of social media in order to better promote your brand

One of the most beneficial aspects of new technology and social media-focused marketing is the chance it provides for business owners to form connections with consumers. These connections frequently turn into long lasting relationships and consistent patronage from loyal customers. The writers at Kinetic Word, together with the SEO professionals at Cloud [8] Sixteen, Inc., can offer you the quality advice and content you need to create these advantageous relationships. To learn more, call (844) 218-7392 today.

Telling your story with a press release

When you want to publicly announce important information about your business, you want compelling, eye-catching content that will draw attention. A press release can be a great way to personalize your business to the public while sharing news about your company’s progress and success. Without well-written content, however, your story could easily be overlooked.

With hundreds of businesses releasing press releases every day, it is important to know how to appeal to your target market. Our college educated content writing team has experience writing effective press releases and can help you tell your story to your audience. Equally important, though, is a timely posting of your press release. You want to be able to get your information out fast whenever you have an important announcement.

Unlike other content writing firms, our online press release writers are able to produce top-quality content to post with a moment’s notice. We work with you to stay on top of the latest developments so that you can instantly connect with the public when you have news to share. While some overseas writing firms boast about their cheaper alternatives, they cannot promise fast, error-free content from a U.S.-based staff the way that we can.

If you are looking for a way to quickly and effectively connect with potential clients or customers, look no further than the online press release services offered at Kinetic Word. To learn more about our full-service, full-time content writing firm, contact us today by calling (844) 218-7392.

The Ghostwriting Process

Ghostwriting refers to the popular practice of hiring a writer to create original written content on your behalf. If you are interested in creating a book, article, speech, brochure, or presentation to market your business but can’t find the inspiration or the time, our experienced team of content writers can create your content for you.

How Ghostwriting Works

A quality ghostwriter begins a project by gathering research and information relevant to the writing project at hand. He or she also reviews samples of the client’s writing style in order to match his or her tone, phrasing, and voice as much as possible. When you read a piece of ghostwritten content created for you, you should feel that you are reading your own words and ideas. A ghostwriter simply helps you to put these thoughts to paper to create a cohesive document.

At Kinetic Word, we are committed to personalizing every piece of content that we create to match our clients’ vision and business needs. We will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction on each project. Our college-educated writing staff has experience taking on a variety of large and small writing projects and are prepared to help you put your ideas to paper. All of our ghostwriting is 100% confidential, meaning that the focus remains on you and your business.

To discuss your marketing content ideas with our experienced, creative online ghostwriters, don’t hesitate to contact the U.S.-based content writing team of Kinetic Word today at (844) 218-7392.

How testimonials can boost your business

In today’s market, consumers are more savvy than ever. While flashy statements like “Limited Time Offer!” and “100% Guaranteed!” may draw some interest on a banner or billboard, they can look out of place on a website. After all, what draws people to the internet, and to business websites in particular, is the search for information. If your site seems to be filled with vague promises about your business, you can bet customers will be left unsatisfied and will continue their search elsewhere, taking their dollars with them.

Presenting your website with well-written, honest, and concise information about your business is a great way to convert viewers into loyal customers or clients. Testimonials are an especially effective method for increasing website traffic, which in turn can boost your business. When a prospective customer reads an anecdote that they can relate to and is given examples of real-world scenarios in which your business made a difference, they are more likely to make that all-important first phone call or office visit. Taking the time to include thoughtful, well-worded content on your website can augment the online appeal of your business.

Any businessperson knows that finding an edge over the competition is the key to success. As more and more people turn to online searches to find information, quality website content is becoming ever more crucial to marketing your business. Having grammatically correct, clear content on your site is an excellent way to draw interest from prospective customers.

If you are searching for a way to boost your business in today’s fast-paced world of online marketing, you need a professional content writing firm that you can trust to present your business in the most positive light. To discuss how our college-educated web content writers at Kinetic Word can assist you with webpages, blogs, articles, press releases, or other content writing projects, contact us today by calling (844) 218-7392.

Selling Your Business Online

With the rising popularity of internet-based sales and marketing, the web has become the most popular place for people to search for a business. Unfortunately, many great businesses are losing prospective customers by the day because they simply can’t be found online. In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to develop a web presence for your company that easily communicates who you are and what you do.

To successfully convert casual browsers into paying customers, it is important to have well-written content that effectively connects with those who are reading. You need clear, concise content that comprehensively covers all of the positive aspects of your business that set you apart from the competitors.

When a person views your website and is able to access essential information about your business that is grammatically correct and written in a professional manner, they are more likely to choose the products or services that you offer. An in-house based content writing firm can help you tackle a variety of writing projects to improve your online business, including press releases, articles, blogs, and other content.

Our college-educated, U.S. based writers understand what it takes to increase traffic and attract viewers to your website. If you are searching for an effective way to reach out to prospective clients online, the in-house content writing team at Kinetic Word is prepared to assist you with all of your website content needs. Contact us today by calling (844) 218-7392.

Marketing Your Product Online

Selling a product live and in person involves a very different process than selling your product online. The world of online retail is highly competitive and involves unique strategies that distinguish you from your competitors. Customized, personalized content can draw in readers who are simply browsing your site and convert them into customers or clients. On the other hand, sparse or poorly-written content that does not engage the reader may cause them to choose a different service.

At Kinetic Word, we understand what it takes to compete in the online retail field, how to market your product to your audience, and how to convert the people who are viewing your website into customers for your business. To learn more about our online retail content writing services, please contact our offices today by calling (844) 218-7392.

The Advantages of In-House Content Writing

When hiring someone to develop new, informative sales content for your business, you have the choice of selecting a freelance writer or a company with an in-house content team. While a freelance writer can be helpful for small copywriting projects, a single writer cannot quickly generate large amounts of quality, informative content alone and may not be able to meet the needs of a growing business.

An in-house content team, on the other hand, is capable of handling more significant projects and can quickly respond to feedback so that you receive the quality content that you need. If the needs of your business change or you suddenly have a new project idea, a content writing team can easily accommodate these changes. Instead of being focused solely on delivering a single product as some freelance writers are, a content writing firm is interested in establishing business relationships with clients to deliver customized, original content that highlights the unique qualities of your company.

At Kinetic Word, our U.S.-based writers are committed to crafting the best content possible to give your business the competitive edge. To learn more about what our experienced online content writers at Kinetic Word can do for you, contact us today at (844) 218-7392.

The Importance of Strong Sales Copy

Making a sale can be difficult, especially in a down economy. You have to be persuasive to get someone’s business. Strong sales copy can be the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity.

Too often, small-business owners write their site’s content themselves, in order to save money. But without well-written, persuasive content, it’s difficult to fulfill your site’s biggest goal: selling your product or service to the customer. By saving money in the short-term, you may be hurting your business in the long-term.

At Kinetic Word, our experienced, college-educated content writers are dedicated to helping you sell your product. We pride ourselves on offering the best sales copy possible, and we won’t rest till we’ve surpassed your expectations. To discuss your online sales-content needs with our online copywriters, contact us today by calling (844) 218-7392.

The Value of Custom Retailing Content

Your business’ success is largely dependent on your ability to distinguish it from your competition. One of the keys to establishing your company’s individuality is to effectively communicate your mission, values, products, and the other things that make it unique.

Custom, professional content is key to conveying this to your public. Unprofessional, sloppy, or grammatically incorrect copy can turn away potential clients and customers. Where sales are concerned, it’s vitally important to lead with your best foot. The custom content from Kinetic Word can help you do just that. Our college-educated, native English speakers can help you craft the message your company needs, whatever the product may be.

To learn more about what the retail content writers of Kinetic Word can do for you and your retail company, visit our website or contact us today by calling (844) 218-7392.

Do Sales Cliches (Still) Work?

There’s a lot that web marketers can learn from the successes, failures, and ideas of experienced print copywriters. As I pointed out in a previous post, solid sales principles don’t change, no matter what type of media you’re using. But that doesn’t mean that sales techniques are static, any more than language is static. As people change the ways they communicate (or develop new ways altogether), marketers will need to adapt.

And that brings us to the topic of sales clichés. You’ve probably seen/read/heard these clichés before, but let me provide a few examples:

  • “At Last! No More Back Pain!”
  • “New Breakthrough Product Cuts Fat Fast!”
  • “This Product Will Change the Way You Look at Computers!”
  • “Revolutionary Technique Makes Learning a Snap!”

Sound familiar?

Of course, these are all headlines that I made up, but you get the idea. “At last!” … “Breakthrough!” … “Revolutionary!” are just a few items on the long list of sales clichés that have been used (successfully) for decades.

But are these clichés relevant today? With more and more advertising moving online, and with the increasing consumer demand for information, NOT sales pitches, should these clichés be considered time-tested techniques or simply outdated relics?

Read the rest of this entry »

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