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Common Editing Mistakes

Good content should always be free of mistakes, which takes careful editing. While spell check can help catch a few mistakes here and there, it by no means allows for a flawless draft. Some mistakes every now and then are inevitable, but thorough editing can significantly limit these mistakes, producing better content. Some important things to keep in mind while editing includes the following:

  • Remove overused sayings or phrases, and repetitive metaphors or examples
  • Look for the wrong use of a word – though you mean “flower,” spell check will not realize that you quickly typed “flour” instead
  • Make sure there is no missing punctuation, especially commas. Missing commas can cause a sentence to mean something entirely different, or to not make sense at all. Try not to overuse punctuation, though.

Editing is an important aspect of creating strong content for your site. Unfortunately, editing is time-consuming and is often skipped when rushing or due to a lack of expertise. At Kinetic Word, our team understands the importance of good editing and creates content that has been thoroughly edited so that you do not have to worry about the quality of information on your site. To learn more about our services, call (800) 219-0942.

Preventing Tendonitis from Typing

Tendonitis in the hand is all too common a problem for people who spend countless hours on a computer. This condition is primarily caused by repetitive hand and wrist motion such as using a mouse and keyboard. Tendonitis can eventually lead to more severe conditions like Carpal Tunnel syndrome, creating weakness, numbness, and even muscle damage in the fingers and hand. Due to the increasing number of desk jobs, many people across America are constantly plagued by this condition.

While it is not necessarily a serious medical condition it can prove to be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients. Many people have suffered some type of pain from extensive typing, below are a few tips that can help you prevent tendonitis in the hand:

  • Keep elbows bent over 90 degrees
  • Take regular breaks
  • Learn a few helpful hand stretches and do them frequently

However, the utmost best way to avoid tendonitis from typing is to not type altogether. The experienced writers at Kinetic Word can help you write a variety of different materials over any topic. Let us write your content and help you save your hands from the dangers of tendonitis. Call our offices today for more information about what we may be able to do for you!

The Poorly Written Press Release

A well-written press release is used to tell an interesting story and can ultimately help business. Press releases will attract new audience members that can make your business more money, but can easily come off as gimmicky or plain boring. Many individuals struggle with executing the rhetoric needed to write an effective press release and may require the services of an experienced writing team.

Making a news story into a piece of engaging content can be a challenge, but our writing team at Kinetic World understands how to write a professional press release that will sell. We will prepare a press release that can give you the media coverage you need to attract individuals to your stories and, therefore, your business. Our staff understands how difficult it is to create enticing content, and are here to help you at any time. Some common mistakes that most people make when writing a press release include

  • Not enough information: Journalists looking to publish your press release are looking for something with all the information, that include all the facts. Be concise, but at the same time cover all the bases.
  • Not utilizing quotations appropriately: Quotes are an opportunity to sell your profile as a company and are not to be used redundantly.
  • The text is too outwardly promotional: It is important to not make the text scream “advertisement” and to keep it objective.
  • The message is in first-person: Nearly every story warrants third-person writing; not only is it more objective, but it makes the tone more authoritative and professional.

Our team at Kinetic World understands that these mistakes are common because they’re easy to make and hard to avoid. Fortunately, our professional writers are skilled in ensuring that their writing elevates the company in a professional way. Your business may be wasting money on press releases that go unnoticed and, if this is the case, you should consider contacting our writing team at Kinetic World. The writers at Kinetic World know how to market on the web and will be happy to write content that will promote your company, even on strict deadlines. To contact our offices, call (844) 218-7392 to learn more.

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