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Avoiding Jargon

Posted on February 16th, 2016 No Comments

For many topics, it can be difficult to avoid using specialized and technical terms when writing about them.  However, using jargon can make it harder for an audience to understand an article or other piece of content fully.  While it is important to maintain and present a level of expertise, there are ways to do so while avoiding alienating jargon.

At Kinetic Word, our writing specialists have the skills necessary to present the right information to your client base without overly technical language by using these strategies:

  • Maintaining a unified voice among several different writers
  • Working to simplify complex concepts
  • Using an outside perspective on all pieces
  • Emphasizing an editing process that focuses on clarity

By avoiding jargon, you can ensure that more individuals will understand your site’s content, attracting a broader target audience.

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