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Creating a story for your brand through online content

In the recent months, story branding has become an increasingly popularized buzz word in SEO circles. But what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can you create a story for your brand that will reach new audiences and convert them into customers or clients?

At Kinetic Word, our in-house content writers can work with you to create an image and idea that fits your unique business personality in order to put together a compelling story for your brand. We have experience in:

  • Building strong, consistent stories that accurately reflect your business and brand
  • Connecting with potential customers through earnest stories to which they can relate
  • Cross-promoting your story over different forms of social media in order to better promote your brand

One of the most beneficial aspects of new technology and social media-focused marketing is the chance it provides for business owners to form connections with consumers. These connections frequently turn into long lasting relationships and consistent patronage from loyal customers. The writers at Kinetic Word, together with the SEO professionals at Cloud [8] Sixteen, Inc., can offer you the quality advice and content you need to create these advantageous relationships. To learn more, call (844) 218-7392 today.

When customer service dictates content

One of the major issues that new businesses face in today’s market is providing effective customer service that is easily accessible to all clients. The American population is growing accustomed to immediate remedies at the click of a mouse, and businesses are endeavoring to find more and more ways to provide this kind of quality service. At Kinetic Word, our writers address this issue by creating content that is driven by customer service needs.

According to a report conducted by B2B on Web Usability in 2014, over 80% of consumers will abandon a site if the information they need is not readily available. With this key piece of information, content writers now know to incorporate this important information so that customers and site visitors can learn everything they need or want to know about your business right away. To this end, the writers at Kinetic Word will work to incorporate the information your clients are searching for in such a way that it will be easily accessible to them on your website.

If you are interested in improving the customer service options and accessibility of your website, contact a representative at Kinetic Word by calling (844) 218-7392 today.

Providing great service to meet your SEO needs

One of the most important aspects of an effective SEO company is the ability of its employees to cultivate meaningful and beneficial relationships with their clients in order to allow those clients to better serve their customers in turn. By offering comprehensive services that connect businesses to their customers in a number of ways, we at Kinetic Word can help your business thrive. Just a few of the customer service qualities we are proud to offer are:

  • Honest, open communication to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for from us and that we give you the best possible results
  • Friendly, helpful contacts who will do everything in their power to answer all of your questions and provide continuous support, not just at the beginning of our business relationship
  • Quality website and social media content produced by our college educated writers that is tailored to your unique perspective and caters to your local area

The writers are Kinetic Word want you to know that we can help you establish connections with the individuals browsing your website in order to draw them in and create new customers through exceptional service and content. For more information, call (844) 218-7392 to speak to a representative today.

Why post on-site articles?

One of the most valuable services offered through Search Engine Optimization is the production of content for your website. In addition to fleshing out the main home pages on your site, posting informative articles allows you to delve deeper into the specifics of the services you offer and the focus areas of your business. You can preemptively answer your clients’ questions while simultaneously attracting more traffic to your site by linking to other pages. Additionally, well-written articles can add a sense of authority to the overall tone of your website. Besides these very important benefits, on-site articles can also allow you to:

  • Establish trust and cultivate loyalty in your customers
  • Maintain your website’s relevancy by posting up-to-date information
  • Reach additional customers and potential clients by expanding the reach of your site on search engines

At Kinetic Word, our college educated writers will produce excellent content to meet all of your business’s online needs. We will also listen to your input so as to ensure that we are providing articles that fit within and define the unique framework of your business. To learn more about your SEO options or speak with a Kinetic Word representative, call us at (844) 218-7392 today.

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