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3 things we can do to improve your press release

Posted on June 25th, 2015 No Comments

Many companies make the mistake of thinking a successful press releases can be carried off with a few well-written paragraphs and a catchy tweet. However, the truth is that a press releases is a delicate thing, and they can be tricky to navigate. Press releases require incredible organization, excellent writing, and impeccable timing. At Kinetic Word, we have college trained, published writers who have experience putting together successful press releases; additionally, we can design quality content that is unique to your company’s needs. Here are three ways we can improve your business’s press release:

  1. Organization. At Kinetic Work, our press release strategy is systematic and structured to ensure that every box is checked.
  2. Support. Kinetic Word is a division of Cloud [8] Sixteen, a top ranked SEO organization in Austin. Our departments offer experience and advice from a number of different angles, allowing us to cover all of our bases.
  3. Communication. We have cultivated an environment in which every employee communicates openly and effectively with one another, and we carry this practice over to you. You will never be uncertain about the status of your press release.

At Kinetic Word, our employees operate in-house so none of your content will be tasked out to third parties. Our employees are always available to help you if you ever have questions or find yourself operating on a short timeline. If your company is gearing up for a press release, call us at (844) 218-7392 to find out about the excellent services we can offer you.

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