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Landing Page Essentials

The landing page of your company’s website is perhaps the most critical in giving potential audience members a first impression of your business and your products or services. Consequently, it can affect your business in terms of traffic and profit. Today it’s more important than ever to have an appealing and informative landing page, since more and more of our target audiences are running on short attention spans and fast-moving technologies. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance your landing page, with several essential aspects.

5 Essential Aspects of a Landing Page

A landing page can be appealing while avoiding being overwhelming – there is a healthy balance that you want to aim for. Five essential elements of a landing page include:

  • visual appeal for target audience
  • navigable format
  • clear links to click on for more information
  • marketing, though it should be subtle
  • subtle targeting of audience’s interests/values

These aspects all together on a landing page can maximize your chances for reaching your target audience.

If you need help constructing a better landing page, or even if you haven’t started creating a website, a dependable and experienced content writing and SEO team can help you. Contact the team at Kinetic Word today by calling (844) 218-7392 to learn more about how we can help you build the best landing page and website you can.


Alignment of Content and SEO Teams Important in 2015

Searchengineland.com has rated alignment between Content and SEO teams among the top 5 SEO techniques for 2015. When content teams and SEO teams are working together, this teamwork can benefit the client in ways unachievable when they are separated (whether by cubicles or countries).

SearchEngineLand emphasizes that SEO and Content teams working together provide the best possible chance to reach the user, which, ultimately, is the goal of any site and its products or services. After all, user experience and quality are what we should all be striving for.” 

One way to achieve this, which the writers at Kinetic Word are equipped at, is to “establish a clear work flow from content creation to optimization.” First, create content that really matters to the target audience. Second, distribute that content so that it effectively reaches its audience. Finally, maximize the content over time across all outlets available. SearchEngineLand emphasizes that this cyclical process is essential for SEO practices in 2015.

Fortunately, the team of writers and SEO specialists at Kinetic Word have years of experience coordinating as a team with content and SEO. We stay current with what SEO success demands, and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best results possible when targeting their audience group. Call us today at (844) 218-7392 to learn more about our services.

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