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What is a CTA?

A CTA is a common acronym for something known as a call to action. Most commonly used when marketing for businesses and organizations, a CTA is a short paragraph that contains vital information about the business or cause and encourages potential customers, clients, or volunteers to get in touch. When done well, a CTA effectively asks a target audience to take action, which means participating in the event or getting in touch with the company.

As we at Kinetic Word are well-aware, writing a compelling CTA is something that many people struggle to do. Getting the right tone and information, not to mention the right audience, can be difficult without experience. Fortunately, with the help of skilled content writers, many organizations and businesses are able to make use of calls to action that engage readers and drive them to take action.

Constructing an Effective CTA

An effective CTA does more than many people may think. In order to write a good one, a writer must walk a fine line between appealing to a potential customer but not making that potential customer feel too much pressure or alienated. An effective CTA:

  • Reiterates what you can offer a client
  • Personally relates to the client’s situation
  • Reaches out to the client
  • Offers contact information without seeming overwhelming
  • Offers ideas for client to reach out

Of course, the type of call to action that is used will vary depending on what it is asking readers to do, in addition to other factors.

Contact a Writer Today

Your business depends on getting new clients and customers, and calling them to take action is a critical part of getting that essential new business. The writers at Kinetic Word have the skills and experience needed to construct effective CTAs for your business and can help you. Learn more about our services today by calling us at (844) 218-7392.

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